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With Heaven's Eye


 Founder of With Heaven's Eye Jessica Roberts


With Heaven's Eye, a lifestyle blog was an idea given to me by the Holy Spirit, to bring millennial's encouraging blogs of what the God of my soul is doing. Jesus Christ is Lord; He is alive and His Word is overflowing, ever powerful and claiming back his people from deception and the snares of this world. I believe, God's desiring for his church to wake up and use their avenues of influence to share and educate people about who Christ is and who He can be in your lives too! My name is Jessica Roberts, Founder of W.H.E. I will be sharing new testimonies, current ministry events in the SoCal area, Biblical Truths and the Word of God through the Scriptures. I pray this website ministry touches your life and Jesus fills your hearts with his salvation power and truth! 


What's New?

 Seasons are changing but just as the Word of God says, "His Word never fails us", we have that comfort for our daily lives and assurance we can live in joy & peace regardless our situations. With all the chaos in this world, where do you find peace and comfort? Who can you turn to that is trustworthy? Where is that answer you've been searching for? In order for anyone to come to this knowledge we must first receive and believe, Who Jesus Christ is. Click Here to learn More. Open up your understanding to true Freedom from your sins, the bondages in this world, torments in your mind and much more.

Live Video Testimonials

Javier's Testimony Available Now. Click here and go there now.

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